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Indian classical dance duo Shalini Shivashankar and Pallavi Anand

Indian classical dance duo - Shalini Shivashankar and Pallavi Anand are going to visit Riga on the 2nd of August. Shalini is the founder and director of the Upahaar School of Dance, which has inspirational slogan: ‘Legs may learn the dance steps, but only spirit dances’.
The name of the performance ‘Nrithya Sandhya’ simply means ‘evening of dance’. It is common to spend evenings relaxing, attending a nice event, with family, or just by yourself. Shalini Shivashankar and Pallavi Anand dance duet will fulfil all wishes on the 2nd of August at the Riga Small theatre.
Indian classical dance concert always starts with a light mood and reaches an extatic culmination towards the end. Intricate movements, elegant gestures, fast rhythms, and dancers’ interaction will create festive mood and sacral atmosphere that will make the audience forget the daily routine and plunge into another reality. Even though ‘Evening of Dance’ could be interpreted in different ways, in the Indian classical dance tradition a dance event means that during the performance the theatre is transformed into a Vedic temple inhabited with ancient deities. The dancers will lead the audience towards the sensation that could be characterized as spiritual awakening.
During the last five years several Indian classical dance masters could be seen perform in Riga. The uniqueness of ‘Nrithya Sandhya’ is the possibility to enjoy the special atmosphere created by the dance duet, delivered by the energy and inspiration that flow from glance to glace, from heart to heart, and lead to enlightenment.