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The limited liability company "BIĻEŠU SERVISS" ( further in the text - BS ), established on May 5, 2000, is an enterprise that engages in on-line ticket trade.


For the present time BS can offer the event promoter:

  • ticket manufacturing;
  • the advance sale of tickets;
  • the advance sale of tickets in the internet shop;
  • advantageous and accessible points of sale;
  • ticket sale on the spot - before the event;
  • the provision of the necessary equipement and program for the ticket sale;
  • an opportunity for the promoter to follow the results of the ticket trade on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • a mutually profitable and convinient order of payment.


The main tasks of BS are:

  • to provide the customers with stable and available points of ticket sale;
  • to provide the promoters with a comprehensible on-line system of reference over the ticket sale results and control;
  • to be able to add various points of sale and companies to the ticket trade network;
  • to work on the same regime with our foreign partners and to be able to sell the foreign events' tickets in Latvia, as well as the latvian events' tickets - abroad.

The technical support

In order to provide the sale of the tickets on current events, BS uses a special internet program.
The program provides the customers with the possibility to purchase tickets on the internet
www.bilesuserviss.lv www.ticketservice.lv, as well as
the possibility to purchase tickets in all the on-line sales points of BS in Latvia. Thus a simple, fast, convenient and high-quality service of ticket purchasing is provided.
In the process of printing tickets ticket forms specially designed for the needs of BS are used. These forms possess a high level of protection against forgery.


The program for selling tickets

This program is designed so that tickets for any type of event (concerts, performances, exhibitions) can be sold on-line without reference to the configuration of the concert hall or the layout of the seats and the standing. 

      The ticket selling program is united in Latvia and Estonia where it is used by the trademark PILETILEVI.

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