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Advent Mystery - concert - meditation of mystical sound

Advent Mystery - concert - meditation of mystical sound
December 4. in Ave Sol concert hall
“When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music…” - Rumi
 This is a delicate and magical Being with the mysterious Universe, as well as meeting with the Small Universe within us. It is a journey in a Sacral Sound that carries us to where we come from, where we are going to, where it all STARTED, and is STILL GOING ON…
During the concert you will hear sounds of gongs, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, Native American love and nostalgic Arabic flutes, powerful vibrating monochord, Indian “shruti –box” , Koshi bells, shamanic drums and Jewish harps, ocean drums, rain stick and more... Mystical sounds of the electrical guitar and special shruti-songs will delight you…
Alicija and Richard Eiliakas -  Gong masters, facilitators of sound therapy events and workshops, organizing "Gong bath" sessions, Sound Mystery concerts, meditations, therapeutic and creative workshops. They are also founders of Psychology study "Art of Being".
The couple plays a meditation, relaxation music and sound spontaneous improvisations that the famous gong teacher Don Conreaux called "free spirit jazz”. For that they use many archaic and modern instruments.
Alicija and Richard believe that the inner opening of the Creator is the most transformational force that opens up not only the creative potential, but also treats us, leads us and inspires us to live.
"Gong often called Transpersonal Teacher that expands our awareness and self-perception. A plunge into a holistic sound of gongs is a deep relaxation, meditation and Sound therapy at the same time. It is a journey in which we travel with sounds of the universe - from its depths to the innermost corners of our souls... The sounds of the instruments that you will hear during this concert will seem to play invisible strings within us – your emotions and states of mind will change, new thoughts and images will appear. Everything intended to finally reach our destination, where we will find Silence…”
Lukas Eiliakas - rock guitarist, while attending the Mystery improvisations,  discovers new sounds and tones of an electronic guitar, produces unexpected and mystical sounds.
Video from spiritual “Gara Vasara” concert in Latvia:
Fragment of live concert-meditation in planetarium: