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The Last Human

Fr 26/05/2023 20:00
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Theatrical dystopia "The Last Human".

The Last Man is a performance based on George Orwell's novel 1984.

The performance will take place in the Digital Art House in Riga.

The performance is a mixture of dramatic theatre, modern electronic music, elements of performance and dance. A special role in the production is played by complex video art, with which the actors will interact during the performance.

Director Anton Kiseljus translated the events of the novel into the dialogue-reflection format of the main character. He reflects on how destructive  is sole power. Is it possible to go against the system? Is it possible to love when everything around is about hate.

"The Last Man" is a performance about everyone who never stops asking questions.
Project Team:

Director - Anton Kiseljus
Set-designer - Liza Sidorova
Video artist - Valentin Siltsenko
Composer - Aleksandr Zedelyov
Сhoreographer - Dmitry Gaitsukevich
Stage play - Anton Kisieljus
Translator - Inta Yakovleva


Winston Smith - Edis Zalaks
Julia - Marika Shmukste
O’Brein - Martinsh Vilsons
Producer - Edis Zalaks
Director assistant - Karina Lemeshko

The show also features:

The Lips - Darta Cirule
Vocal - Anna Dytyna
Sound recording - Martinsh Medins
Videographer - Kamran Kurbanov
Graphic Designer - Vasilisa Zalaks
Video content - Anna Neva

Special thanks:

Ekaterina Pesegova, Maksim Kiseljus, Dmitry Mjachin, Renars Zalaks, Veronika Fedorchuk, Anton Troshin

The production was made in cooperation with the Digital Art House team


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