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Kankuna / Канкун

Fr 13/01/2023 19:00
10.50 - 25.00
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Jordi Galceran



The time of the full moon without an intermission

A sharp, bright and tough play, full of caustic humor and shrewd observations of human nature.

Opening - 20.09.2019. 

Duration - 2 h 10 min

18+ (NB! Not suitable for younger audiences.)

Produced by special arrangement with
Gurman Agency, LLC
New York, NY

In the Mexican resort city of Cancun, two married couples intend to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Of course, any trip is an adventure, but hardly any of the four could have imagined what a sentimental toast and a casual confession about some hidden car keys would lead to...

More information: http://www.trd.lv


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