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Cilvēks no restorāna / Человек из ресторана

Sa 18/05/2024 14:00
23.80 - 28.00
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Duration – 1 h 30 min
In Russian.
A one-man performance, in which there is love, and intrigue, and humor, and philosophy, is based on Russian classics – Ivan Shmelyov's early story "The Man from the Restaurant". In the center of the plot there is a "little man" – the one, whom circumstances have placed in the ranks of the timid and inconspicuous. However, he has a big heart and a penetrating mind – and due to his position as a waiter in a first-class restaurant, he is very good at noticing details and understands the nature of those, who can be called "masters of life". And this is a very useful skill for understanding the modern reality, which often pushes back those, who do not meet the requirements of the time. Today, words such as shame, conscience and mercy are rarely used in our speech. "Today, people of a different style have come, and they are more inclined to have an extra five rubles in their pockets," says the protagonist of this story, Yakov Skorokhodov, and stubbornly clings to his own ideas about what is really important and valuable.
It is understandable that great theater figures so often turned to this work. In our repertory, "The Man from the Restaurant" also appeared not by chance, because it was Mikhail Chekhov who in 1927 played Yakov Skorokhodov in the then silent film with the same title. In memory of the great actor, his favorite character again takes to the theater stage today – in a tragicomedy about a little man with a great soul.

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