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Vilnius Jazz 2019

Tr 16.10.2019 19:00 - Sv 20.10.2019 19:00
31.00 - 161.00
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Founded in 1987, Vilnius Jazz is the oldest annual jazz festival held in Vilnius. It is an exceptional event in Lithuania, providing a broad perspective on contemporary trends in jazz from all over the world. Over the years Vilnius Jazz has earned a reputation of a radical avant-garde festival oriented towards novelty and limit-stretching creativity. The stylistic boundaries of jazz and free improvised music are often crossed and expanded here by offering joint projects with musicians from the academic, ethnic, rock and industrial music backgrounds.

The International Vilnius Jazz Festival is renowned for its creative and ambitious programs featuring some of the biggest names on the international jazz scene alongside the best of Lithuanian talent.

It has also to its credit helped develop local players who have then moved onto performing in other European venues and international jazz groups. Vilnius Jazz is also inextricably linked with the development of a distinctive Vilnius jazz school. Recognized as one of the most important signposts in Eastern Europe, Vilnius Jazz remains devoted to nurturing and promoting the living tradition of improvised music in Lithuania.

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