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Baltic For Events Forum / Evolution of experience / 2 day ticket + gala

Ce 19.04.2018 09:00 - Pk 20.04.2018 14:30
Teater NO99, Tallinn
Events and Experiences

There is a lot of controversy surrounding events.
Disputes haven't stopped, the same questions have been repeated for several years and remain unanswered. But the events themselves continue to evolve and surprise, impacting equally optimists, skeptics, daring romantics, and cautious realists.

While creating Baltic For Events 2, we have focused on the experience of practitioners, the creators of successful agencies and projects. Every speaker reveals their secrets of success, and in their own way interprets the "formula" of a unique participant in the modern market. Our speakers are a mixture of incredible, creative and successful people. From the creators of the world-famous shows Luc Petit Creation and Cirque du Soleil.

The forum has more than 6 different formats of speeches. There are also speakers in TED format, and well-known moderators with leading agency-customers: Microsoft, SEB Bank, Absolut, Siemens, Audi. This list is only the beginning of the world-famous companies and young, but already "star" clients.

The agencies that create corporate and business events from 8 countries of the world will offer relevant and engaging topics with a new focus. Vok Dams, of the Brand Experience - Nine Yards, speaks about their practice in Live campaigns, and the general sessions of agencies from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden show how they have uniquely answered the main questions relating to their different countries.

Our audience is the key agencies: representatives of governments, ministries, as well as sponsors, serious corporate customers of event projects, and the largest contractors. These are the ones from whom the creators of a powerful EVENT industry, living in the rhythm of an endlessly changing life, largely depend on in the near future. The audience of Baltic For Events 2 are those who know how to listen and cherish the information received from the stage and outside the official program.

Baltic For Events 2 is the evolution of experience in organizing and creating events. This is a unique, one of a kind project, uniting more than 8 countries and 200 lines of business with one goal: to succeed with the help of the most reliable and proven tools - live communication and the live touch of people who are passionate about their profession.

The forum will be held on April 19-20 in Tallinn, Estonia. For more information visit: www.balticforevents.com
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Baltic For Events Forum / Evolution of experience / 2 day ticket + gala Ce 19.04.2018 09:00 Teater NO99, Tallinn
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Pasākuma ilgums: 19/04/2018 9:00 - 20/04/2018 14:30

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Sakala 3 Tallinn Igaunija
Baltic Event Industry Club MTÜ
Kivimurru 43 Tallinn 11412 Harjumaa
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