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RĪGAS CIRKS piedāvā: CIRCO EIA (Spānija) izrāde 'InTarsi'

Th 19/09/2019 19:00 - Fr 20/09/2019 20:00
8.00 - 20.00
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Riga Circus presents: CIRCO EIA show "InTarsi" (Spain)   
“InTarsi” means "intertwined". Strong, poetic, funny and heart-warming, inTarsi is a contemporary circus show, which inspires real tenderness for the strange beast that is the human being.

Constructing and deconstructing, to not fall or let fall, transforming and reinventing… Four acrobats, between prowess and madness, take us through a universe pieced together by fragments of life. Loneliness, sharing, living together are evoked through dance, physical theatre and above all, circus arts.In an atmosphere of gentle humour, the four characters carry out their investigations on an ingenious set that constantly morphs into different landscapes.
About circus company “eia”:
Compañía de Circo “eia” (‘Unforetold Flights in Harmony’ as élans imprévus accordés in French, ‘yes’ in Sardinian) was born in 2009 when several established circus artists decided to come together: Armando Rabanera, Fabrizio Giannini and Cristiano Della Monica (Cirque Vague, Circo de la Sombra and Le Grand Osim Orchestra) and Francesca Lissia and Celso Pereira (Celso y Frana).

Since the beginning, the company has been promoting a human circus capable of evoking the complexity of human relationships, reaching a very wide audience, staking its position as one of the foremost contemporary circus companies in Spain and Europe.

“In an era where difference is often seen as a problem, we seek to make our particularities a strength and a source of invention to be explored over a period of truly collective research, as a reflection of the colour and variety of the world we live in.”

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