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Tribute to J.J.Johnson and Kay Winding @M/Darbnīca

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The Laura Amantova Jazz Quartet, made up of talented Latvian jazz musicians, will perform a mix of traditional jazz themes, contemporary pop arrangements, and fusion-style compositions. They will also present a new concert programme called "Tribute to J.J. Johnson and Kay Winding", featuring well-known mainstream themes such as "Bluesette" and "My Romance". 

Quartet members Lauris Amantovs and Viktors Ritovs have arranged these pieces in both a sophisticated chamber style and a fusion of jazz and pop music, giving familiar jazz tunes a fresh and modern twist.

Lauris Amantovs - trombone
Viktors Ritovs - keyboards
Andris Grunte - bass
Artis Orubs - percussion

Event information:
Date: 27 March
Time: 20:00
Location: Aristīda Briāna street 9, Rīga

If the ticket service is sold out, you can buy your tickets at the M/Darbnīca on the spot with cash. Tickets: www.mdarbnica.lv/tickets

More information: http://www.mdarbnica.lv


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