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Metallica and Symphony

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Meet and greet the Metallica vibes right here in Latvia this spring.

There's a unique opportunity to experience all of Metallica's iconic songs spanning 30 years, all in one place.

Metallica does not require any special introduction. They are simply a legendary band, adored by millions worldwide. Every rock enthusiast holds deep respect for their iconic 1991 album, "The Black Album." The band has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, garnered numerous prestigious awards, and graced the stage with most of the genre's giants. Their concerts exude incredible energy and they've performed at the highest level worldwide, including Antarctica!

SCREAM INC. proudly maintains its position as one of the world's foremost Metallica tribute bands.They  earned acclaim from devoted Metallica fans and rock enthusiasts worldwide. The music band will perform symphonic versions of songs from the famous 1999 S&M album. In 1999, the famous work of the legend was released - a double live album with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. The success was overwhelming. And it is a chance to take a trip by a time machine back in 1999 together with SCREAM INC.

They have been rocking since 2008 and have played more than 1000 sold-out shows in places like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Ukraine. You can feel their passion for the music and their dedication to be closer to Metallica in every show.  

Get ready for a magical experience as SCREAM INC. and a symphony orchestra bring you the legendary songs of Metallica. You'll be captivated by the unique mix of classical and modern music, creating a mesmerising and unforgettable atmosphere. Don't miss this extraordinary musical journey!

Secure your tickets for this remarkable event in the heart of Latvia. The concert promises to be a blend of love and immense energy, brought to you by dedicated fans of Metallica - SCREAM INC. Let's create memories together as we sing and dance to the stunning hits of Metallica.

Save the date for April 23, 2024, at Great Amber (Liepaja).


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