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10th Anniversary Opera Concert

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The American Friends in Latvia will host its 10th anniversary opera and art song concert on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 7:30 in the evening.  The concert will be in the Dress Circle Hall at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet. The concert is free and open to the public.
Joining Mr. Leake are two international American Opera singers, Tenor Nicholas Simpson and Soprano Francesca Aguado who have performed extensively in the US and will be performing across Europe this summer.  The concert will feature art songs and opera arias.  The trio will also present works by two Latvian Composers who are collaborating for the anniversary: Arta Jekabsone and Dace Aperane.  Completing the list of performers will be pianist Ilze Ozolina, staff coach and accompanist for the Latvian National Opera and violinist Diāne Reimane.
The theme of the program will be "The Tumultuous '20s" and will feature vocal music from the 1720's,1820's,1920s and 2020's.  The program will explore the anatomy of a century, highlighting how each century experiences it's 3rd decade "the '20's " as a uniquely complicated one.  It is the moment each century shifts from the identity and authority of the past century and struggles to firmly assert it's own identity and political direction.  As evidenced from the political conflicts of 1820's Europe, 1920's America and again in the current decade, we find ourselves in the 20s against a backdrop of political and economic strife. Our program seeks to showcase music that is reflective of the mood of each decade, both the struggles and the hopefulness in order to suggest that art and music were and will continue to be what heals us in these moments and allows us to endure, overcome and eventually prosper. We think such a message is a timely and important reminder that better days remain for us.


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