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Robbie Williams will perform in Riga with his anniversary tour

Robbie Williams returns to the stage with his greatest hits. Next year Robbie Williams will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his award-winning solo career and will perform in Arena Riga on March 9th. Tickets on sale from September 30th 11am on the "Bilešu Serviss" network. FBI and Positivus festival concert club members will be able to buy tickets earlier in pre-sale from September 29th 11am using a code that will be sent to registered users.

Symphometal heavyweights “Apocalyptica” and “Epica” in one concert

The general sale in the entire Biļešu serviss network, starting from Thursday, August 11th, at 10.00

Ticket sales start for the concert of cult band Dead Can Dance

On April 20th, at 11.00 in the whole network of “Biļešu Serviss” (www.bilesuserviss.lv) the ticket sales begin for the concert of the legendary group Dead Can Dance, which will take place on October 31st at the Arena Riga amphitheater mode.

Milky Chance returns in Palladium Riga concert hall

Their debut single “Stolen Dance” seduced millions of people in Europe and outside of its borders, now they are ready to return to the stage with new music.

General ticket sales for the Måneskin concert

Today, on March 25th, at 3pm, the public sale of tickets for the concert of the phenomenal Italian band Måneskin, which will take place onn May 18th, 2023 at Arēna Rīga, starts throughout the “Biļešu serviss” network (www.bilesuserviss.lv).

Global music phenomenon Måneskin will perform in Riga next spring!

On May 18th, 2023, the winners of Eurovision and the global music phenomenon the Italian band Måneskin will perform at Arēna Rīga in framework of their first worlwide tour “Loud Kids”.

Today starts tickets sale for Sigur Rós' only concert in the Baltics

Today, on March 18th, in the entire www.bilesuserviss.lv network starts ticket sales for the only Baltic concert of the best-known contemporary Icelandic music formation Sigur Rós, which will take place on October 15th at Arēna Rīga.

The only Sigur Rós concert in the Baltics - this autumn in Riga

On October 15th, with the only concert in the Baltic States the most successful Icelandic band Sigur Rós will perform at Arēna Rīga.

Tarja's finally coming to Riga with a special Christmas program

It has become known that after such a long wait on December 21st we will finally be able to listen to and watch a live performance of the symphonic metal diva Tarja in Riga!

At least 5 reasons to attend The Cure concert

On Friday, December 10th, at 10:00 am, in the entire www.bilesuserviss.lv network starts public sale of tickets for The Cure concert, which will take place on October 6th at Arena Riga.

On October 6th, for the first time and with the only concert in the Baltic States The Cure will perform at Arēna Rīga

With the performance of 'Placebo' a high-scale concert life returns to Sigulda

With the performance of British alternative rock stars "Placebo" on June 22nd, a high-scale concert life returns to the stage of Sigulda castle ruins.
“Placebo” will give a concert in Sigulda to support their latest, eighth, studio album and let us reminded that the Riga show 6 years ago was very well attended.

Public ticket sales from Thursday, October 14, at 10.00.

Attention! Due to the limited capacity of the Sigulda castle ruins, only 4,000 tickets will go on sale. Don't miss your chance!

“Placebo” was founded in 1994, when singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Molko met guitarist Stefan Olsdal and the duo is still  the constant core of the band.

“Placebo” are one of the defining alternative rock bands of the past 25 years, with 13 million albums sold to date worldwide. The band’s self-titled debut album helped pave the way for a strong shift in British music, acting as an antithesis to Britpop and inspiring a generation of bands to follow them. “Placebo” went on to claim their place in British music history with five top ten albums in the UK, played sold out tours and festival headline slots across the globe and collaborating with music legends including David Bowie, Robert Smith and Michael Stipe.

Extremely rich “Placebo” hit accounts represent such masterpieces as Pure Morning, Nancy Boy, Special K, Bitter End, Every You Every Me, Twenty Years, Song To Say Goodbye, Special Needs, Meds, This Picture, Infra-Red, Black-Eyed, Ashtray Heart, Battle For The Sun, Because I Want You, Teenage Angst, Slave To The Wage, Sleeping With Ghosts and lots of other songs, which keeps the “Placebo” on the list of most successful single-makers.

The band’s unique way of examining both its flaws and beauty has for a long time made them a refuge for those who felt that the trappings of tradition, and the mainstream, were exactly that – a trap. Placebo continue to shine a light on the aspects of our society that are all too often viewed by some with scepticism at best, and hatred at worst.
And it is with some poignancy then that new single Beautiful James, the first ambassador of the brand new album, arrives, finding itself born into a world that is as divided as it has ever been.
Brian Molko comments further:
“If the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it. But it remains imperative for me that each listener discovers their own personal story within it - I really don’t want to tell you how to feel.”

More info:

Beautiful James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KudGpbfWYrI&t=2s
Every You Every Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMaycNcPsHI
The Bitter End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JJAXwAaA2w
Running Up That Hill  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-mYX0qKkB8
Song To Say Goodbye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7bxXjQL3cY&t=142s
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