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Due to the improving situation for travel, the John Cleese

We deeply apologise for the confusion around date and venue changes for this show. After the pandemic and the decision to close down Congress Hall, we had to look for other options.

We would like to inform everyone that the 1st stage of the Latvian Drag Race Cup has been canceled due to insufficient number of participants!

We apologize again for the inconvenience.

MANESKIN postponed indefinitely

We are closer than ever and have great hope for the future.


All purchased tickets will be valid for the new date of the concert.

Sting's 'My Songs' concert is postponed to 24.09.2022

All tickets purchased are valid for the new concert date

LP's concert's postponed to 20.09.2022

All purchased tickets are valid and do not need to be exchanged

Måneskin's spring concert tour has been moved to 2023

Måneskin's spring tour, which included a concert at Arena Riga on March 14th, is postponed to 2023. As the group's management explains, due to the still unstable epidemiological situation and the different constraints in each European country, it is unfortunately not possible to deliver the show in the planned quality.

19-20 February 'WinterCon VII' is rescheduled and changes name to 'UniCon 2022 - Latvian Comic Con' which will take place on 20-21 August

All previously purchased "WinterCon VII" tickets (January and February) are valid for UniCon 2022!

Promoters are forced to postpone SABATON - The Tour To End All Tours European arena tour

Stay tuned, your tickets will be valid!

Till Lindemann 'Ich hasse Kinder Tour 2022' new concert date is 11/18/2022.

All previously purchased tickets are valid

Postponed the concert of Harry Potter film music

With regret we announce that the the concert of Harry Potter film music scheduled on this October 10th, unfortunately has to be postponed to October 7th, 2022.

The John Cleese show in Riga is unfortunately being rescheduled again

VENUE NOTICE: Please note that due to the event being so far in the future, we are not certain yet which venue we will use. We would prefer to keep the event in Congress Hall but right now the future of that venue is unsure. The city govt may decide to renovate the building or (as has been in the news recently) maybe more drastic reconstruction.

POSITIVUS FESTIVAL 2021 is postponed to 2022

Once again, we are here, summer without Positivus festival. Due to the lasting Covid-19 pandemic, the festival still cannot take place in 2021.

James Arthur concert on June 26th, is cancelled

At this time the most important is to protect and care about all our health, so the live music events can return in their previous comprehension as soon as possible and we all could feel that irreplaceable range of emotions again.

Woodkid concert is cancelled

As announced earlier, due to the state of emergency in the country caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, holding a Woodkid concert scheduled for May 21st at the Palladium hall was not possible.

DIDO concert is cancelled

At this time the most important is to protect and care about all our health, so the live music events can return in their previous comprehension as soon as possible and we all could feel that irreplaceable range of emotions again.

LP's concert postponed to September

Laura Pergolizzi's or simply LP concert, scheduled for February 19th at Arēna Rīga, is postponed to September 20th.

Unfortunately, due to the growing prevalence of Covid-19, concerts of this scale will not be allowed to take place in February, while the predictions of the world's leading epidemiologists suggest that the pandemic will finally be over by the autumn.
It should be emphasized that the entire LP European concert tour, where Riga is only one of many stops, is postponed to the autumn.

In this case the spectators who have already purchased tickets to the concert don't need to do anything – the tickets remain valid for the new date. For the ones, who haven't managed to purchase them yet – the ticket sales continue in all “Biļešu serviss” (www.bilesuserviss.lv) network.

LP has enchanted listeners all over the world and without a doubt her creation pieces are also very popular with us. As evidence are the well-attended previous concerts both at Arena Riga and on the stage of Sigulda Castle ruins.

LP started her fame in Europe with the Platinum status hit Lost On You, which in 2016 literally blew up the music charts all over Europe, especially in our region and Greece. But LP doesn't mean one hit story, almost every her song on the Spotify streaming service is collecting millions.

The most popular of them are Muddy Waters, Strange, When We're High, Other People, Tightrope, Tokyo Sunrise, Night Like This and others.

Just a month ago, on December 3rd, LP released her sixth studio album, titled "Churches," which features such singles as Goodbye, The One That You Love, How Low Can You Go, and One Last Time.

The artist herself calls the journey of creating the album "a beautiful experience. Like falling in love." She shares, "This album feels like a friend. A friend who took me through one of the most trying times in human history and a fairly trying time in my own personal history."

More info:

Lost On You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn3wJ1_1Zsg
Other People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv8VKCz3Cdg
Goodbye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJG1UkzJ4L