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Etnodžezs. SOFIA REI (Argentīna)

Sa 03/02/2018 19:00
Lielā Ģilde
15.00 - 35.00
Paying tribute to an exceptional artist demands an exceptional work of art. Chilean singer, songwriter, folklorist, social activist, poet, and visual artist Violeta Parra would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. In her new recording, El Gavilán, vocalist, songwriter and producer Sofia Rei celebrates her legacy by approaching her music with the imagination and daring that characterize Parra's work. Recorded as a duo with guitarist Marc Ribot and featuring guitarist Angel Parra, Violeta's grandson, on one song, Sofía re-imagines Parra's music in a contemporary setting.  It is, in essence, the classic folk voice-and-guitar format, but framed here by both, electronics and traditional instruments. Besides providing all vocals and the sound sculpting, Sofia also plays caja vidalera, a hand-held single head drum from Argentina's northwest, and charango, a small, five double string guitar from the Andean region of South America. The results - spacious and almost minimalist, the vocals layered with loops and pedal effects - illuminate Parra´s work from unexpected angles.
 What the press said about El Gavilán

“A stomping fury swarms up beneath Sofía Rei’s voice on her version of “Arriba Quemando el Sol [...] Ms. Rei’s declamations capture its pride and its lament, while the guitarist Marc Ribot builds a blazing, dystopian billow around her”
“Stunningly Eclectic Singer Sofia Rei Radically Reinvents Violeta Parra Classics [...] a one-woman band of complex rhythms and lush melodies”
"Through this carefully crafted tribute, Sofia Rei manages to outdo herself, paying homage to her influences as she claims new territory. “El Gavilan” continues to add depth to one of the most interesting musical résumés of the last decade."
- THE MUSIC & MYTH (Rumania)

“The legacy of Latin American folklore has been passed on through the vocal chords of mythical vocalists such as Violeta Parra, Mercedes Sosa and Susana Baca, to mention a few. Now a new voice has to be added to this illustrious list — that of Sofia Rei.”
- SUN SENTINEL (Florida)
“Rei launched one of the most original tributes ever made to Violeta Parra in her centennial anniversary”
- LA TERCERA (Chile)

 “folk music for the 21st century”

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Etnodžezs. SOFIA REI (Argentīna) Sa 03/02/2018 19:00 Lielā Ģilde 15.00 - 35.00
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Age limit to the event: no age limit
Event language: English
Free entrance to the event: up to 6 years old persons, without seperate seat
Doors open: at 18:30
Event length: ~1h30min

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