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VINCE NEIL confirmed as the special geuest of The metal all stars

The legend of hard-and-heavy and glam rock, the triple owner of the "The Best Male Vocalist of Year" award according to the «Circus№ magazine, the leader, the guitarist and the soloist of cult group "Mötley Crüe" Vince Neill will join to the eminent list of participants of The METAL ALL STARS tour in Europe in April, 2014.Vince is going to become the special guest will show the real drive and power of rock music with other "metal stars". That’s means, that all funs of Vince Neil, will hear 3-4 best of the best , Motley songs, sung by one of the most charismaticall voice of rock, supported by the best musicians in hard and heavy music.
The musician reflects all variety of this music in the hedonistic lifestyle: his performances, his manners and appearance represent freedom from all prejudices. We can hear his unique vocal in the best songs of glam rock: "Shout At The Devil", "Home Sweet Home", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Dr. Feelgood", "Kick start My Heart", "Same Ol Situation" and "Saints of Los Angeles" which in 2009 was nominated as the Best Hard Rock Performance. In total the musician and the group have three Grammies, they are owners of MTV Music Award and they are also in the MTV Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time list.Vince Neil achieved self-fulfilmen not only as the participant of the well-known Mötley Crüe but also out of group. Solo albums "Exposed" and "Carved In Stone" are in the list of 200 best albums according to Billboard, the first of them reached the 13th cart position, are written together with Jack Blades (Jack Blades) and Tommie Shaw (Tommy Shaw).Vince is also known, as the owner of one of the largest solo contracts (4 million dollars) with Warner Bros. Besides music Vince Neil does charity work and business. His daughter Skaylar (Skylar) died from cancer in 1995 then the rocker founded fund, which helps children to fight against cancer diseases. It is known that Vince is quite successful businessman. He owns Vince Neil Aviation airline, the Palm the Scourge, a tattoo Vince Neil Ink salon in Las Vegas and as lets out the brand of Tres Rios tequila owns such institutions as the bar Feelgoods Rock Bar and Grill in Western.
"We have the best fans in the world", Vince Neill declares. "They are very devoted – they always remember about us and that is cool!".
Phil Anselmo - Pantera / Down
Joey Belladonna - Anthrax 
Udo - Accept
Cronos - Venom
Max Cavalera - Sepultura/Soulfly
Brian Fair - Shadows Fall
Kobra Paige – Kobra and The lotus
Special guest - Vince Neil – Motley Crue
Zakk Wylde – Black Label society/ Ozzy Osborne ( as well vocal)
Jon Donais Anthrax / SF
Jasin Todd ex-Shinedown
Ross The Boss - ManOWar 
Jesse Billson - studio
Rob "Blasko" Nicholson - Ozzy Osbourne
Matt Bachand - Shadows Fall
Nick Menza ex-Megadeth
Aaron Rossi Ministry / Prong
Bones Elias - Dead By Sunrise / ROA