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Solo performance of Larisa Podskochaya ARANGETRAM!

A unique event, Bharata Natyam performer’s first ARANGETRAM in Latvia, is going to take place on the 12th of September, 2015, at the Riga Latvian Society House, Big Hall. Translated from Sanskrit, ‘Aranga’ means ‘stage’ and ‘Etram’ means ‘ascension’. Arangetram is organized when a guru, that is teacher, decides that a dancer is ready to face the audience as an artiste.

The structure of Arangetram has been developing over ages, with its roots in ancient times. The concert on the 12th of September will be conducted according to all necessary rituals, held both backstage and in front of the audience, the dancer’s guru and honourable guests. It will consist of the ancient temple repertoire choreography items, arranged according to the tradition.
Indian dance is a conversation with god. Dance themes and moods allegorically present the relations of human soul (nayika – female dance character) and divine incarnation of the universe (nayak – male Vedic deity).
For the dancer, preparing for Arangetram is a challenge to be ready to experience hard work (shramaha), loyalty to dance itself and teachers (shraddha), and mental matureness (medha). Traditionally, it requires about 10 years. The concert is prepared with a deep immersion into oneself and search for truth that doesn’t suggest viewers’ appreciation. Though, exactly this happens to be the reason for the appreciation to be true.
About the dancer:
Larisa Podskochaya is Indian classical dancer and dance teacher, Indian Culture Centre BHARATA Society founder and director. She took up Bharata Natyam in 2002, and has been running BHARATA studio since 2006. She has been teaching Bharata Natyam since 2005, and has trained several wonderful dancers over the past 10 years. She has received the appreciation and financial grant from the Indian Embassy for Sweden and Latvia for the high quality of performing and preparing dancers.