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Information for Neste World RX of Latvia spectators

Event organizers suggest using public transportation to get to the track, and, for guests who come from further away, it is recommended to consider buying a car park ticket, so that an inconvenience is not caused for local inhabitants by placing spectator cars by their homes.
Spectators who arrive to the venue on a bicycle will be able to leave it in a special stand next to the entrance of the track.
In addition to that, organizers suggest looking at the track access scheme, which has been published on, as there is a separate entrance for each spectator sector so that the traffic moves along at a quicker pace.
Considering the unpredictable October weather in Latvia, it is suggested for spectators to bring warm and comfortable clothing, and to dress according to the weather of each day. It will be allowed to enter the track with umbrellas, but, in case of rain, organizers would suggest using raincoats, so that the view of the track for other spectators is not limited by the umbrellas.
It is forbidden to bring sharp, dangerous or oversize objects, food, drinks or pets inside the venue. With public safety being an important aspect, spectators can be searched by the security personnel at the entrance of the venue.
Considering that this is one of the largest events taking place in CSDD Biķernieki track, which will be attended by people of various nationalities and age groups, the organizers would ask everyone to be tolerant, kind and helpful towards each other and the personnel at the venue.
In CSDD Biķernieki territory, especially in the paddock, the spectators, sports cars and personnel team cars will be moving around, so the organizers would ask everyone to be aware of their surroundings, look after their children and always listen to the event personnel. It is important to note that racing cars can be very loud, so noise-cancelling headphones would be suggested for the youngest spectators.